Search Engine Optimsation

Thats the website sorted are Google Qualified Professionals, this means we are experts with Google Adwards (PPC), Google Analytics and basically everything you need to get a good ranking on Google.

Please note that no one can guarantee you appear in the 1st position on Google search results, this simply isn't something that can be guaranteed. We can however use our knowledge and experience and the wealth of tips and advice from the world wide web to get you a very good listing.

A lot of web design companies keep their knowledge secret, however this isn't rocket science and listed below are some of the SEO components that can aid your website Google search results listing:

  • Keyword rich website structure to aid navigation
  • Keyword rich website content, specifically the homepage
  • Unique website page titles
  • Unique Meta descriptions and keywords on all pages, content needs to be different to allow search engine spiders to re-index each page
  • Regional references to Meta keywords, descriptions and website content, i.e. Barnstaple, South Molton, Exeter, Devon etc.
  • W3C compliant website code (XHTML/CSS) and browser compliant
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Register URL with Google
  • Register and upload XML Google friendly sitemap
  • Verify HTML page with Google
  • Google Business Listings
  • Increase website traffic using free business listings
  • Set up reciprocal website links
  • And finally use Google Adwords with a sponsored links campaign (PPC)

    We can help you with your SEO, either on a new website, or supply a report with recommendations how to improve an existing website. Please call for more details.